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Announcement #6 - Now Delivering in Kansas City

Artist & Craftsman Supply Kansas City is proud to expand our shipping to offer more local delivery options!


A&C in Kansas City now has the Pallet Program! We can deliver anywhere from Blue Springs, MO to Olathe, KS and it’s cheap!

A shipment under 100lbs delivered to Olathe was quoted as low as $15.00, Blue Springs as low as $14.00, and most of Kansas City proper for as low as $5-$10, depending on the urgency and truck type needed. 

An example shipment of five sheets of 4’ x 8’ foam core and a 72” x 96” canvas to Overland Park delivered within two-three hours of the delivery placed was quoted at $21.00. That same shipment to our local Crossroad’s artist is only $13.00!

For more information on delivery within the Kansas City area, call our store at 816-221-5454



Click here for an overview of the A&C Pallet Program.



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