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A & C Pallet Program


A&C Pallet ProgramArtist & Craftsman became the first and only northern New England Tara/Fredrix distributor more than 25 years ago. At the time, Tara was the leading manufacturer of artist stretched canvas and Artist & Craftsman was a small art supply in Yarmouth, Maine, located in the rear of a building behind a barber shop.


We did some business together but over the years our attention drifted and other manufacturers replaced Tara.


Until last Monday. Tara came to Maine with an offering we couldn't refuse and here's what it means to us and possibly to you.


Tara specializes in large high quality canvases of Belgian linen or 12oz cotton. Their canvas can be 6 foot by 8 foot or even 6ft square. As you can imagine, freight can be very expensive.


Artist & Craftsman will start to organize a pallet program, starting at our headquarters in Portland, Maine.


The advantage of the pallet program is that we will ship from 18 strategically located locations around the US of A, not from one central warehouse as is typical of our web vendor competitors. This should save freight.


We will contract with local regional truckers to deliver to our major art customers. These shipments can be an assortment of large canvases, gallons of gesso and paints or whatever else that you need. We will quote freight over the phone.


Watch this space for developments in the A&C Pallet Program.



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