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A&C Supplies by the Pallet Program - Philadelphia Joins the Pallet Program

We Deliver… Sort of.


Portland, Maine, our headquarters store, has been shipping by courier for years & years and now some of the other stores are gaining experience. Follows is written by Rob, our manager in Philadelphia. More to come, I hope.


“We had a customer in Delaware looking for a 36x48 and 2ea 36x46 wood panels. She wanted them shipped to her because she can’t drive right now. We were able to use our local courier to deliver. It’s a 45 minute trip each way to her studio. They only charged us $64 for the delivery. UPS would have been over $115 plus risk of total destruction. My customer was more than happy to pay the $64, she got them the same day, and we didn’t even have to pack them!

Using this courier opens up all kinds of opportunities for us. We can easily ship frames out to people, quickly and easily.”







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