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Quartz includes a variety of stones. Colorless quartz, or crystal quartz, is the most common. The word "Crystal" comes form the Greek word for "ice" and was believed to be eternally frozen. The single quartz crystal is a six-sided prism, however this is not always how it is formed. Sometimes it is found in veins, seams, or pockets of rock. It is popular for carving objects and making crystal balls. Quartz is used for optical and technical purposes, but only 10% is pure enough to be used for this purpose. The major supplier of crystal quartz is Brazil, but it is found abundantly throughout the world, including the United States.

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SKU: 2214

Western Woods Crystal Point, Approx. 2"-2-1/2"

Western Woods Crystal Point, Approx. 2"-2-1/2"


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