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Agate is named for a river in Sicily, called Achates, where it was found in the fourth century B.C. Agate is the most common form of chalcedony, and is a versatile commercial stone. Typically, there is a cavity found in the center of the rock where crystals often form. Agates with such a cavity are referred to as geodes. Agate is found lining cavities of volcanic rocks worldwide. The rock formations in which the agate is found is approximately 50 million years old and the agate you see today is found most commonly in Brazil. The mines have been worked since the 1880's and provide a large percentage of the world's supply of agate. While thousands of tons of agate are mined every year, only a small portion is suitable to be used for the products on display.

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SKU: 2148

Western Woods Thin Agate Slice, Approx. 2-3/4"

Western Woods Thin Agate Slice, Approx. 2-3/4"


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