A Brief History of Artist & Craftsman Supply



Cambridge, MA, established 2003

By Larry Adlerstein, Founder & President of A&C


In the fall of 2003 I decided to look closer to home for store sites. Boston was an obvious look at.


So I drove the two hours down to Boston and started by visiting Pearl Paint—the big guy at the time. Pearl was located in Central Square, Cambridge, across the Charles River from downtown Boston.


In retrospect, Pearl had already started their decline that has, at this date, resulted in bankruptcy and the closing of most stores, including their Cambridge location.


Well, after our brief survey of Pearl back in 2003 I decided to open in Cambridge and there, right across the street, was a for-rent sign.


It was a basement which has served us well for many years. Generally our relationship with our neighbor Pearl went well until on a Saturday morning there was a commercially printed sign posted across our front entrance.


“Vagrants welcome, plenty of toilet paper downstairs.”


Robert Pearlmutter personally wrote me a letter of apology.