A Brief History of Artist & Craftsman Supply

Philadelphia, PA, established 2007

By Larry Adlerstein, Founder & President of A&C




Philadelphia Store Manager & Northeast Manager.

”Over 10 years on the job at A&C and

I enjoy it now more than ever.

These people, the employees, and

our customers, are like a big family to me.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know all of them.”

Our Philly story is simple. Rob, our Cambridge manager, complained to me about housing costs in Boston. He said his wife, Jamie, wanted to start a family.


“Ok Rob, where do you want to move?”


Rob had visited Philly. Lots of people from New York & Boston were moving to the city of brotherly love. So we went to Philly, Rob to find his new home and me to open another Art Supply.


Rob’s family has grown and I’ve gotten six years older.