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Media Release Queens Store Opening

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013

Posted By Larry Adlerstein


Media Release

Maine-based National Art Supply Store to Provide Easy Access to Arts and Crafts Materials From Manhattan

For Immediate Release: 10/29/2013


For More Information: Larry Adlerstein or Steve Kenney, 1-800-876-8076


Artist and Craftsman Supply, the employee owned national company founded in Portland, Maine in 1985, has been thrilled by the warm welcome received at its new store in Harlem and Williamsburg, Brooklyn store. Hoping to expand on its success, Artist and Craftsman Supply, will be opening a brand new store in Long Island City.


Located on Queens Blvd, this major access point to Manhattan should please artists and crafters alike. Finally there will be a place to buy all of your elusive artist materials, especially craft supplies.


Here is just an offering of what you will find:




Craft Stems


Weaving looms


Blank books

Paper mache sculptures


Jewelry findings

Wood crafts






Custom framing will also be coming soon to the Long Island City store.


Baltimore, Maryland

(410) 528-0003


Berkeley, California 

(510) 704-4040


Boston North (NoBo)
Saugus, Massachusetts 

(781) 233-3306


Brooklyn, New York

(718) 782-7765


Cambridge, Massachusetts

(617) 354-3636


Charleston, South Carolina

(843) 579-0077


Chicago, Illinois 

(312) 583-9990


Harlem, New York

(212) 222-4700


Kansas City, Missouri

(816) 221-5454


Los Angeles, California

(310) 274-8000

Louisville, Kentucky

(502) 459-4677


Madison, Wisconsin

(608) 251-2977


Miami, Florida

(305) 817-5455


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(267) 861-6008


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(412) 421-3002


Portland, Maine

(207) 772-7272


San Diego, California

(619) 688-1911


San Francisco, California

(415) 931-1900


Seattle, Washington

(206) 545-0091

Headquarters: 540 Deering Ave, Portland, Maine 04103 • (207) 828-2555 • Fax (207) 772-0001 •  www.artistcraftsman.com
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Spotted! Artist & Craftsman Supply on Project Runway

Friday, Oct 11, 2013

Posted By Katie Wilber

We were surprised to see a familiar sight when watching Lifetime's reality fashion show, Project Runway last night.  


One of the finalists on the show is from Philadelphia and during her trip home the front of Artist & Craftsman Supply Philadelphia was shown!


Check out a couple screen captures below.


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KC Warehouse Expansion

Monday, Jul 29, 2013

Posted By Larry Adlerstein

Thanks to you, our business is up about 12% this year. The web business is up about 75% over the same time a year ago.


All thanks to you.



We opened a retail store in Kansas City about 18 months ago and rented some extra space to become our web shipping warehouse, some day. Well some day is coming.


Our store/warehouse is located in the crossroads, a developing artsy district. We’ll open this mid-American warehouse in October and to celebrate we’ll be offering, to the 1st of next year, free freight for the items we stock there.


Right now we plan to stock stretched canvas, wood panels, and Shizen Indian papers. Stay tuned, more to come.

Artist & Craftsman Supply Kansas City Store Front

Our Kansas City store on Southwest Blvd


Kansas City landlord, AaronAaron, our Kansas City landlord, he's a nice guy.



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Shafiq is Coming Back

Friday, Feb 18, 2011

Posted By Larry Adlerstein

Some of you remember the soap opera that began 10 months ago. Mohammad Shafiq Rahman was arrested by the FBI and Homeland Security for possible connection to the Pakistani terrorist who attempted to explode a bomb in Times Square, New York. Also, the South Portland Police piled on.

Now after serving many months in jail and losing employment here at Artist & Craftsman Supply, all charges have been dropped and Shafiq is allowed to volunteer (no compensation allowed of any kind) to program here once again.

Who knows, maybe someday we can pay this innocent, quiet man for his work. He begins 9:30 on Tuesday.

Welcome home.

-Larry Adlerstein

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