A Brief History of Artist & Craftsman Supply

Saugus, MA, established 2010

By Larry Adlerstein, Founder & President of A&C


Saugus, Mass, an unlikely place for an art supply, an unlikely place for artists….


Route 1 is Saugus, Mass. At the North end of this 10 mile strip of shopping strips and traffic lights is I95 which feeds this congestion. To the South you have your choice of I93 to the resort island of Cape Cod, or the Mass Turnpike.


Route 1 Saugus is the cheese in this unattractive sandwich.


But there is so much traffic there has got to be a few artists somewhere. And lucky for us, there are a few.


No, actually the store is doing well. Artist & Craftsman has developed into a family centered selection, so in Saugus, Mass we sell toys and crafts while in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, the product mix is more serious and professional.


But regardless of the particulars, the products mix and the theory of business are constant. If we can attract part of the family or provide a constructive environment, sooner or later the rest of the family will come along.


On Route 1 Saugus our first customers were the children. Now their parents are coming along….