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Howard Kaufman- President Princeton Art  & Brush




Howard Kaufman

Howard began his career in the art supply industry more than forty years ago.  He started out selling rub on transfer lettering as the New York City sales representative for Chartpak.  After completing his Masters Degree in Marketing, he became a product manager for slide rules; dinosaurs would be an understatement.


Turn the clock forward a few decades and Howard was President of Grumbacher, managed 300 employees and spent his days in corporate meetings, preparing corporate budgets and living in the world of corporate politics.


In 1992, Howard decided to get off the corporate roll a coaster and start his own business, Princeton Art & Brush.  His philosophy was keep it simple.  He recalls going to the bank for a line of credit and the bank asked if he had ever written a business plan.  Howard took a post it note and wrote the words “business plan”


Until last year, Howard with only two part time employees ran the business from his basement, garages and to the dismay of his wife, the living room .  His post it note business plan worked.  Princeton Brushes are today in almost every art supply store in North America and almost 30 countries.  Princeton now is a 17,000 square foot warehouse, but still has only a hand full of employees.

Sensu Brush

Princeton's Sensu brush for tablets
and other capacitive devices.



Howard says it’s all about customer service and he should know.  He still picks every order and answers telephone calls, often on the first ring.  No voice mail recordings and definitely no corporate meetings.


Check out creativity in action on Princeton’s web ste:  www.princetonbrush.com   Catalyst products, SNAP, Sensu, a brush for capacitive devices like the i-pad and more.


And if you ever have a question about brushes, contact Howard at info@princetonbrush.com.  You are his customer and his passion is brushes.


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