A&C partners with DaVinci Paint to help repaint a historic mural in Leon, Nicaragua. Marcello Dworzak, President of DaVinci Paint, of Irvine, California is donating gallons of his new fluid acrylic to the artist community of this small Nicaraguan city on the Pacific. The mural depicts the plight of the Nicaraguan peoples who have suffered with many invasions. A&C President, Larry Adlerstein, came across the mural when he was visiting his 19 year-old daughter who was “gap yearing” in Central America. The teenager was traveling alone, often hitchhiking for months. Dad went down to “check up on her.” They stayed at Rancho Esperanza, a hammock hostel on the beach. $12 a night room and board. They had 2 flat tires getting there. The mural graces the walls of the Central Square. The hot Central American sun has faded the years old painting. The cooperation of DaVinci Paint and local artists will brighten the mural with Artist Grade Pigments. The Leon effort is being organized by Danilo Gutierrez Garcia.