I do it every day, you’d think I know what I do. Let’s try to figure out what the owner of a middle-sized art supply does.

I often feel that I’m like a father to the 75-80 people who work with me. And like most parents I mess up. But if there is any reality to this self-image then Artist & Craftsman is a family life with all the strength and weakness so associated.

They drift in and out of our lives. Many who quit or are fired come back, sometimes older and wiser. Some of us just stay for decades.

I guess my job is to try to understand as many of them as I can. To help them grow and develop their best potential, even if my words hurt. To listen as best I can and to protect the security of this family-like group.

I guess that’s my job. I love my job and, my actual family – 4 children and many wives have given up trying to convince me to retire. I’m one of the luck ones. 

-Larry Adlerstein