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Shafiq is Coming Back

Friday, Feb 18, 2011

Posted By Larry Adlerstein

Some of you remember the soap opera that began 10 months ago. Mohammad Shafiq Rahman was arrested by the FBI and Homeland Security for possible connection to the Pakistani terrorist who attempted to explode a bomb in Times Square, New York. Also, the South Portland Police piled on.

Now after serving many months in jail and losing employment here at Artist & Craftsman Supply, all charges have been dropped and Shafiq is allowed to volunteer (no compensation allowed of any kind) to program here once again.

Who knows, maybe someday we can pay this innocent, quiet man for his work. He begins 9:30 on Tuesday.

Welcome home.

-Larry Adlerstein

Mid West, Mid August

Thursday, Aug 19, 2010

Posted By Larry Adlerstein

The media is telling me employment is in crisis, so are the banks and housing construction. But at O’Hare Airport, Budget wanted $200 a day for a compact.  Hertz, Thrifty, and Enterprise were sold out. I felt lucky to find a Dollar car for 145 of them there dollars. On the way back to the airport, the shuttle driver said it’s been this way for months.

On to Jet Blue back to Portland. Today’s fare is 30% more than a month ago. I can’t afford to fly the direct United Airways Portland/Chicago flight so I’ll dine at the Jet Blue terminal on my way home.

We’ve just opened Store #16 in Saugus (North Boston) Mass and #17 in the South loop of Chicago.   This fall will see A&C enlargements of our stores in Madison, Wisconsin and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Costs are up but so is business.  No Doom & Gloom here.
We’re on a roll and this old man is having fun.       

-Larry Adlerstein   

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