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Frame Panel Employee Art Show

Friday, Sep 13, 2013

Posted By Katie Wilber


We challenged our employees to create art using our Birch Frame Panels. As you can see, they were used in many different ways.


Share with us the ways you have used our frame panels!

Post an image of what you've created, on a social network of your choice,
and use these tags to let us know! 

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Facebook logo Tag our official page or your local A&C page in the image

Or email us the image!



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The children are downstairs playing

Saturday, Oct 22, 2011

Posted By Larry Adlerstein

The children are downstairs playing. I can hear their music coming up through the floor and it’s nice and familiar. It’s the same music of my youth.
I hold the handrails now, and they notice. Many of the children are in their 30s, 40s, and John is more than 50. They bring me dinner and even modest amounts of sake while I sit, talk, and listen.
The children are Artist & Craftsman people and we are at our every 6 month retreat (party).
So I sit as the patriarch or Dad. And each of my 17 managers sit, and I (or we, with Steve, 19 years with A&C) listen to their concerns and hopes. We say a few words but if required we’re together for a half hour one on one. There are now 17 and this one on one tradition started when were about 4.
I’m upstairs. I have a cold – you might too - trying to slow down so I can sleep. After this retreat I fly to Kansas City to help organize our new store, along with Tom, who will paint, and Trevor (from Charleston), who will spend a month plus setting up and training. So I really should sleep.
I haven’t yet figured out how I should sleep. No one has. Instead I’m writing to you and I’m told that some of you actually read what I write. Thanks. Thanks for your compliment.
Ok. The music is getting hard. I’m going to lie down for a while but I might have to go downstairs for another glass of sake.
I do love the young goings on. They are talking and flirting and becoming friends. That’s good for them, you, and of course, business.

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