Thanks to you, our business is up about 12% this year. The web business is up about 75% over the same time a year ago.


All thanks to you.



We opened a retail store in Kansas City about 18 months ago and rented some extra space to become our web shipping warehouse, some day. Well some day is coming.


Our store/warehouse is located in the crossroads, a developing artsy district. We’ll open this mid-American warehouse in October and to celebrate we’ll be offering, to the 1st of next year, free freight for the items we stock there.


Right now we plan to stock stretched canvas, wood panels, and Shizen Indian papers. Stay tuned, more to come.

Artist & Craftsman Supply Kansas City Store Front

Our Kansas City store on Southwest Blvd


Kansas City landlord, AaronAaron, our Kansas City landlord, he's a nice guy.