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Exotic Paper

Canvas & Panels


Painters need support. Canvas offers this support. Whether stretched over a frame or glued to a panel, a primed canvas is the surface most painters prefer – it is affordable, durable, and easy to stretch. Canvas comes raw or prestretched and in varying weights. Most prestretched canvases are 7 oz. or 8 oz.


Linen is more expensive but boasts added benefits. The flax fiber that is woven into a linen fabric has texture and intrigue. Some artists like that the unique texture of a coarse linen will translate throughout the painting. Others like the natural color of flax, or that linen is resilient, strong and resistant to aging. Our linen comes raw, primed, or prestretched - or if you prefer, we offer the tools needed to stretch it yourself.


Painting panels have become very popular. Birch plywood is an archical surface, durable, and interesting to paint on. Our painting panels are birch plywood cradled on poplar frames with two profiles - 3/4" or a thick 1 1/2" deep. Painting panels are used for traditional techniques but also lend themselves to multimedia, collage, or inflexible mediums that demand a rigid support : encaustics or egg tempera for example.

Canvas & Panels