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Wood Painting Panels


Wooden panels are one of the oldest and most durable painting surfaces around. Modern research has proven them to be one of the best and most archival supports available to painters today.


Our Apollon Elephant Wood Painting Panels are handcrafted to be strong yet surprisingly lightweight and their unprimed raw birch surface can be prepared to accept virtually any artistic medium including oils, acrylics, encaustics and mixed media collage (just to name a few).


We start with high-quality Baltic birch plywood. The wood is selected to eliminate defects, cut to size and cradled with poplar frames by Apollon of Montreal, Canada. They have been working with Artist & Craftsman Supply for many years and their products are professional and consistent.


We’ve seen artists come up with some pretty creative ways to use our panels, by incorporating the wood grain finish into the imagery of their artwork, mounting photographs to the panels to give them presence on the gallery wall, as a base for sculptural pieces, or flipped with the frame serving as a shadowbox.


It’s worth pointing out that conservators recommend mounting weaker supports like canvas or paper to panels to increase their longevity and durability.


It used to be that all serious painters used stretched canvas as their primary support - panels were superfluous and rarely sought.  This trend has changed, and artists are rediscovering the advantages of a strong rigid substrate.


Apollon’s Elephant line of wooden painting panels are available in both 1” and 1.5” deep profiles.

Wood Painting Panels