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My name is Steve Kenney and I am the General Manager for Artist & Craftsman Supply (that’s me). I have been helping to provide quality materials to our customers for just north of twenty years.


For those of you who know our stores we are certainly not a “ me too” and, we hope we can build you  a “virtual” store that delivers the quality , service and value that our customers have come to know and trust over the years.


Our re-born On-Line Store is still young and growing and like most things that are young and growing, sound nurturing is the key to future health and prosperity. You can help us.


Our customers have always been the most valuable resource in shaping what A&C brings to the communities we are in.


I invite you, member of the On-Line community,  to sound off. Send me your thoughts and ideas. What can we do better? What are we doing wrong? What would you like our On-Line store bring to you?


I want to hear it all, don’t hold back. Your valuable feedback will be a strong influence on our future direction and is greatly appreciated.






Steve Kenney

General Manager

Artist & Craftsman Supply


Fax 207-772-0001





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