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Exotic Paper

Gimp, Macramé, and Cording

As kids we would make friends by tying bracelets for them. Artist & Craftsman Supply offers gimp and cording to keep this tradition alive, and to also inspire the creation of colorful lanyards, pull strings, or braids of any old purpose.


Rexlace is the classic vinyl gimp.  It is stretchy and colorful and popular in summer camps everywhere. Besides being the best material for classic gimp knots, artists may also like the tactile cord as a stretchy toy for restless hands.


"Amy" nylon craft cord is proudly made in the USA and suitable for traditional macramé techniques. It can also be knotted or knitted and proves to be a good all around craft rope. As an added feature it is also heat fusible. Parachute Cord is packaged in military fatigues reminiscent of a paratrooper, but don't be fooled. This colorful cord is formidably strong and will form a solid base for your bracelets, knotting, necklaces and basic crafts. At ease.

Gimp, Macramé, and Cording