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Exotic Paper

Furniture & Storage


Artists need surfaces to work on and the appropriate means to store and transport their artwork and tools.


Not just any table will do. Drafting tables provide work surfaces that are expansive, adjustable in angle and height, and more durable than dining room versions.


Easels hold canvases strong at an adjustable height and the correct angle - any painter who has tried to make a mark against a vertical wall will tell you how impractical and uncomfortable that can be.


Portfolios come large enough to fit fine art papers and are flat, so the papers will not buckle.


Artists' storage containers have slots that are designed for the tools they use, not fishing tackle.


So treat yourself to the appropriate furniture and containers for your studio. 'Make do' versions just don't satisfy.

Furniture & Storage
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    Clear Artwork Bags
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    Storage Containers
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