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Exotic Paper

Kids Art & School Supplies


Many great authors have alluded to the child in each of us. Kids Art Supplies inspire that child - and real kids too! Whether you are a school teacher outfitting a classroom, a parent stuck inside on a rainy day, or grownup kid, you will find a bright, safe, and creative project in our Kids Art Supplies.


Colorful papers come in stacks that look like rainbows, Non-Toxic paints come in big jugs for sharing, and brushes have fat bright handles for little hands. Also find creative accessories, like blank white story books ready to be personalized with depictions of tiny adventures.


And, of course - we have the basics like crayons and markers - and the necessities; like reams of drawing papers and big stacks of watercolor paper, at prices that conform to a school teacher's budget.

Kids Art & School Supplies