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Paints For Kids


Temperas, acrylics, and finger paints by Sargent Art are of ample quality and are proudly made in the USA.


The quality of a school grade color is important. Like house paint, a teacher or parent may save a dime using cheaper stuff, but kids know if their paint isn't good.


We offer Sargent brand because their quality has consistently been high. When compared with other brands, Sargent's acrylics have more pigment and secondary colors are more true (ie red and blue actually make purple when mixed). The price of Sargent paint is reasonable and a good value for the quality.


We offer many brands of watercolors.  Some watercolor sets have ovals of primary colors, classic, and some school grade sets have watercolors from a tube just like an artist uses.  Niji watercolors feature a soft plastic tube that will not puncture or break - good for the classroom.

Paints For Kids
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