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Exotic Paper

Paper For Kids


Most teachers want paper in bulk that is easy on the budget but will also hold up to thick and messy applications of kids' paint. It is a delicate balance to find the right sheet that will serve both purposes.


We offer reams of sulphite paper from Pacon in three weights,  the heaviest of which will take some abuse.  We also offer tagboard in 100 packs for paints or drawings in marker and crayon.


Construction paper comes in single colors or multi packs.  Some packages are bulky for the classroom.


We offer Kraft rolls from Pacon that are huge and economical, Kraft weight like the paper meat is wrapped in a deli, which is why it is sometimes called 'butcher paper'.


Also find in this section tissue paper, Fadeless Paper that is colored superior and resistant to fading, and specialty paper like one for slippery finger painting.

Paper For Kids