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Acrylic Paints & Mediums


When acrylic paints hit the scene in the middle of the 20th century it was a big deal for artists. The first major breakthrough to take place in the world of painting mediums for hundreds of years, the invention of acrylic paints offered a number of new possibilities and advantages to painters. These same qualities continue to make acrylics one of the most versatile and popular types of paint today.


Water-soluble when wet but permanent when dry, acrylics can be diluted and cleaned without the use of harsh solvents needed for oil paints. They can be thinned to mimic the effects of watercolor, thickened to look like oils, or used in unique ways that allow them to maintain a characteristic all their own.


Finished paintings done in acrylics have proven to be extremely durable, due to the flexibility of the dried paint film, making them a great choice for virtually any support.
We offer lines of acrylics suitable for both students and fine artists and to meet every budget.

Acrylic Paints & Mediums