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Golden Acrylic Paints


The genesis of Golden Artist Colors was not in the desire to run a successful business. According to Mark Golden, son of the company's founder, his dad was no businessman. But Sam Golden did have a burning desire to do good things for the creative community and took great joy in rolling up his sleeves and working shoulder to shoulder with artists.


His passion was being a part of the process with some of the most talented and creative people in the world. Mark still believes that only by listening to artists and by participating as assistants in their studios, can Golden remain tapped into the needs of the community. He stresses that the growth of Golden Artist Colors depends on remaining true to his father's sense of personal integrity and promoting a policy of corporate social responsibility.


We wouldn't be passing this information along to you if we didn't think Golden was an exemplary product. The proof is in the paint. We're proud to offer Golden.

Golden Acrylic Paints
  1. Golden Heavy Body Acrylic
    Golden Heavy Body Acrylic
  2. Golden Fluid Acrylic
    Golden Fluid Acrylic