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Exotic Paper

Lascaux Acrylic Paints


In the Swiss tradition of exacting quality, Lascaux is made to the uncompromising specifications and standards of European conservators. Imported by an elite company in California that selects, imports, and distributes only the very finest, we have forged a lasting partnership with these people, and are staking the claim that we are the retailer in the country that carries the most Lascaux products.


 Lascaux Artist Acrylics have a heavy pigment load and smooth, rich, and buttery feel normally reserved for oil paints. This paint is lightfast and resistant to aging, making it suitable for interior or exterior use.


Lascaux Artist is a high-quality acrylic paint applicable in art and decoration. This thick artist’s paint is suitable for all painting techniques.

Lascaux Acrylic Paints