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Milk Paints


The first milk based paints were used tens of thousands of years ago to decorate the walls of caves.  Milk protein (casein) would serve as a natural binder, mixed with lime and natural earth pigments to give form to a rudimentary 'milk' paint.


Fast forward to Colonial America.  Meandering painters would carry vials of pigment which they would mix with lime and a farmer's milk to make their paint.


Old Fashioned Milk Paint reproduces Colonial era colors. The same formula of cement, clay and pigment used hundreds of years ago is replicated in modern form to make a paint that is durable and attractive.  Old Fashioned Milk Paint is biodegradeable and contains no VOCS.  Furniture painters, decorators, and hobbyists appreciate the color palette and matte finish of this paint.

Milk Paints
  1. Old Fashioned Milk Paint Colors
    Old Fashioned Milk Paint Colors
  2. Old Fashioned Milk Paint Mediums & Additives
    Old Fashioned Milk Paint Mediums & Additives
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