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Oil Paints & Mediums


Oil paint has a rich and storied history in the world of art making. For centuries, it has been the medium of choice for many of the world’s top artists, yielding a number of the most famous and beloved works of Western Art. The sustained popularity of oil paint today speaks volumes to its durability and superb qualities as a painting medium.


In basic terms, oil paint is made up of colored pigment suspended in a drying oil, the most common of which is linseed oil. To a large extent, the quality and proportion of these two ingredients determine the quality of the paint they produce. The best oil paints use alkaline refined oils and a high concentration of the finest pigments available to ensure brilliant colors that will resist fading over time. Student grade oil paints maintain affordability by replacing certain pigments with less expensive alternatives. We offer several lines in both student and artist grade.

Oil Paints & Mediums