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Watercolor Paints & Sets


Watercolor paint is made up of finely ground pigments suspended in a water-soluble binder, most commonly Gum Arabic. Made from the hardened sap of acacia trees, Gum Arabic dissolves easily in water but remains strong enough to hold onto the suspended pigments while they are spread onto a painting surface, creating transparent washes of color. Once dry, the gum acts as a glue that holds the color in place.


Transparency is watercolor's biggest strength. In a finished watercolor painting, light is able to pass through the transparent washes of color, reflecting back off the white surface below to luminous effect. Multiple layers of transparent washes built up on top of each other will create richer colors that can’t be achieved by simply mixing paints together on a palette.


Watercolor paints are available in both pans and tubes. Pans contain the paint in a dry form making them an excellent choice for painters looking for portability in their materials. Tubes of watercolor are more fluid and great for mixing large amounts of color for bigger studio works.

Watercolor Paints & Sets