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Exotic Paper

Fine Art Paper Sheets


The issues to be considered are 1) the fiber, 2) the texture, and 3) the sizing of fine art sheets.


1.  Most of the sheets we stock are cotton but some archival sheets are made from washed and neutralized wood fiber.


2. A smooth sheet is called smooth or hot pressed (imagine a hot press against a sheet - you'd end up smooth too).  The other sheets are called cold press, regular, or rough.


3.  Paper is usually soaked in a water that contains sizing.  That sheet is internally sized and will "hold out" water okay (non sized paper is called "Waterleaf", Blotter paper is also non sized).  If extra resistance is required such as watercolor paper, the sheet is sized a second time, surface sized.

Fine Art Paper Sheets
  1. Drawing Paper
    Drawing Paper
  2. Printmaking Paper
    Printmaking Paper
  3. Watercolor Paper
    Watercolor Paper