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Exotic Paper

Paper Rolls


When an artist can't decide how big a sheet she needs, rolls are an excellent choice.  Our paper rolls come in a variety of widths and for a variety of uses.


Many rolled papers are lightweight and translucent for tracing, an architect or draftsperson uses tracing stock from short to long depending on how big their drawing will become. We also carry Sign Bond in a roll, a versatile 20lb paper for drawing (or covering bulletin boards and craft tables).


Sketch Vellum is a 90# archival drawing paper with a light tooth that will also hold modest washes.

Paper Rolls
  1. Tracing Paper & Glassine Rolls
    Tracing Paper & Glassine Rolls
  2. Drawing, Sketch, & Watercolor Paper Rolls
    Drawing, Sketch, & Watercolor Paper Rolls
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