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Printmaking is a process that typically allows artists to make multiple original works of art. In most cases, the artist creates an image on a matrix made out of metal, stone, wood, or other materials. The matrix is then inked, and the inky image is transferred to a piece of paper, often with a press, to create an original print.


Relief printing is when the artist cuts recessed areas into a flat block of wood or linoleum from which a positive image is then printed.  Intaglio is the opposite of relief.  The artist incises into a plate the image he wants as his final positive.  The most common intaglio techniques are etching, drypoint, and engraving.


Screen printing is a modern technique often used commercially to make multiple prints onto surfaces quickly and easily.  Silk screen printing is the preferred technique for making posters and tee shirts - but is also used for fine art.  A mesh is stretched across a frame and the negative is blocked with a resist.  Ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee onto any variety of paper, fabric, or commercial good.

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