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Artistix Stone carving chisels are made from hardened steel and are suitable for stone up to marble hardness. Point shaped chisels are valuable for lopping off large pieces early in the carving process. Flat chisels refine the stones shape after a “ roughing out” with the point chisels. Tooth shaped chisels then refine the stones surfaces after the heavy work of the point and flat chisels. Each chisel is approximately 8.5” in length.

Artistix Chisels - Detail

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SKU: artistix-chisels

Artistix Chisels

Artistix Chisels

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23502 Point Tipped Chisel Medium
23503 Marble Flat Chisel 10mm
23504 Marble Flat Chisel 18mm
23505 4-Tooth Chisel 13mm
23506 6-Tooth Chisel 20mm
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