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Moldmaking Materials

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  • Victory Wax - 11 lb Slab

    Victory wax is a brown microcrystalline that is preferred by sculptors as it is easy to carve and model. Artists casting in bronze like that brown is almost the tone of the finished cast. Learn More

    List Price: $84.10

    Our Price: $67.28

  • Amaco Rubber Latex

    A white, liquid rubber latex material for applying over original models to make molds. Molds are tough, flexible and can often withstand 200 to 300 castings. Dry molds have a weight loss of 42%. 16oz Learn More

    List Price: $28.95

    Our Price: $21.71

  • Amaco Mix a Mold - 8 oz

    This powder mixes with water to form a mold in just 2 minutes. It is non-toxic, allows for fine detail and may be filled with any casting medium. Learn More

    List Price: $17.95

    Our Price: $13.46

  • Alumilite 20-Minute Molding Putty

    Alumilite Molding Putty is surprisingly easy to use. Once you've used it to create a mold, fill it with Alumilite Super Plastic, wax, plaster, Sculpey etc. The putty is non toxic, does not stick to hair or skin, is flexible, and removes easily. Learn More

    Price From: $19.85

  • Alginate Molding Material

    This is a safe molding compound that duplicates every detail of any hand, foot, or almost any other object. (Kind of like what the orthodontist made you bite on once!) Learn More

    Price From: $8.53

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