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My trip to India was about 20 years ago. What most impressed me, or perhaps least impressed me, was the driving in India. Crazy driving. The typical 2-lane road (one lane each way) is traveled by BMWs (60 MPH), buses (25 MPH), bicycles ( 8 MPH), ox carts (4 MPH), and occasionally elephants (2 MPH). Crazy.


My Favorite sight, and perhaps least favorite sight, was the railroad crossing. The Hand operated stop bar goes down and traffic stops, but all lanes including side drainage ditches, are filled with vehicles; that is all lanes are filled with cars, buses, carts going all across the train track going the same direction facing a crowd of vehicles on the opposite side going the opposite direction.


After the train passes the bars are raised and all hell and honking breaks loose. On one occasion the bars did not raise after the train passed and I asked a motorist why they hadn’t opened the road. He said, “The next train is only half-an-hour away. They’d never get the tracks cleared and the oncoming train would run into traffic still blocking the track."


~Larry Adlerstein, A&C Owner


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Far East Paper Market