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Reviews from Yelp

YelpOur faithful customers have been using Yelp as a method of reviewing our Brick & Mortar storefronts.  Below you will find unsolicitied, uncensored reviews from our customers.  

I fell in love with this place so hard that i created a Yelp account just to add to their already glowing reviews. That's how much I love these guys.


But anyways. I came to A&C Berkeley to see if i can find papers for my wedding invitation. What was intended to be a quick browse turned into an hour-long brainstorm session as the super-friendly, super-knowledgeable manager walked me through all the stuff that they have that may be of use to me. I walked out with a priced quote in hand and a few samples. I had been back a couple of times since, both to make purchases and again pick Sarah's (the manager) brain in terms of design and prices.


What I'd like to point out here is the fact that these guys will take all the time in the world to help you with your need, provide you with invaluable information and ideas, and even repeatedly direct you to other stores/suppliers if they happen to not have what you need. And their prices are hard to beat, even when comparing against giant chains like Michael's or JoAnn.


Thanks A&C! Will def. be checking out your store first for all my crafts need!!!

-Shobi L., Berkeley, CA




I used to order from Artist & Craftsmen online until we moved literally down the street from their store. And now, instead of realizing I am out of a random color of dye, panicking, ordering online and having my whole system thrown out of whack by the delay...I simply walk down the street, head over to the dye aisle, grab one of the many, many colors in whatever size I want, go home and keep dyeing! Words cannot express how wonderful and convenient that is.


As for other art supplies, it seems like they have a large selection of a variety of different kinds of things - paints, canvases, children's stuff, whatever you want. And the staff seems always to be just around the corner, offering to help.


-Laura T., Portland, ME




If you're looking for serious art supplies, THIS IS THE STORE! My favorite store to shop at EVER! After being a manager of a retail store for over ten years I really appreciate great customer service. All who work at Artist Craftsman and Supply deserve BONUS NACHOS for there outstanding service! The prices are good, they have everything you need and more! And if by chance they don't have it....no problemo, they will get it for you quickly! Thanks to all who treat me like a queen there!


-Quincy N, Madison, WI




I found a flier for their art sale in an Oakland coffee shop and figured I'd take a gander. Holy holey sneakers, this is probably the best art shop I have ever been to. Their staff's intelligent and totally nerdy about supplies and art which is what I wanted. They do custom framing, too which is convenient. Their prices are typical of a fine arts store and are fair. From supplies for serious fine artists to craft supplies parents can use to create with their kids, this shop really does have everything you would ever need to get them creative juices flowin'.


-Alice G, Pittsburgh, PA




I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. A great underground (literally) atmosphere that oozes inspiration, for me anyways. I always find what I am looking for, especially in the paint department. The staff never fails to be helpful and always know exactly what you are talking about, which when you are an artist, is very important because everyone has their own vision and ways of explaining a certain product or goal..and here, they will get you. Their staff definitely beats Pearl immensely...very friendly and accommodating..they never look at you as though it is the last judgment..like the staff at Pearl does.


I always find what I need here and more. Great paints, pencil sets..loose ones as well...great paper selection..etc.. Also have great little gift items. Great place, check it out!!!


-Alexis L, Cambridge, MA