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San Diego, California

Artist & Craftsman Supply - San Diego, CA
3804 Fourth Ave
San Diego, CA 92103

Toll Free: 888-761-3934
Phone: 619-688-1911
Fax: 619-688-1971


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9:00am - 8:00pm


9:00am - 8:00pm


9:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm



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Artist & Craftsman Supply


San Diego, CA


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Testimonials From YELP & Google:



"Another homerun for this store! I am finding myself always coming back here for my supplies....I live in Esco but work down the street. Sometimes in a pinch I may visit another store...but end up just waiting to get in here on a day that I work. My son's school is in desperate need of some supplies and I am here to tell you the folks here were helpful and accomodating! Such a joy to work with. I am so gracious for their assistance in getting the supplies I need...up to AND including special ordering some things that need to be "pint sized" for middle schoolers. the "L" world is so overused now-adays...but I can use it here with confidence. The have what I need and if it's not readily available THEY WILL GET IT! Woo hoo!! Exceptional service...exceptional people. They remember me each time I come in and you cannot say that about any place else. Feels like home! I must add....you get back what you give...Joy joy joy! Hugs to everyone here and keep up the great work! Look forward to coming in to pick up those SPECIALLY ordered supplies. YOU ROCK!!" ~ Michellene


"I've had nothing but exceptional service and selection with this place. It's a no BS store for actual artists. No frills, but knowledgeable staff and comprehensive art supply collection to choose from. And even though I get 20% off at Blick - IT's STILL CHEAPER to shop here. Pretty awesome. Also if you use large canvass this is the spot to shop." ~ Jari L


"I love this store. They have so many fun items, I could probably spends hours in there. They have an excellent selection of supplies and fun miscellaneous items. This place is way better than blick. They have great stuff!" ~ Lo S


"If I had to choose between Blick and Artist & Craftsman Supply, Artist & Craftsman Supply wins all! A&C is such a comfortable, low-key place to shop for supplies. It's my visual candy store. Bookbinding supplies? Yep. Weird toys like fake mustaches and unibrows? Oh yeah. Uber thin sheets of copper metal that I could use to fold into origami creations? You bet! :D Oh and I've never had any issues with the cashiers! In fact, they have been very nice and helpful over the years :) One time I needed to buy a small gift box and was in panic mode. I found some beautiful handmade neon yellow paper downstairs to wrap my future box, but no boxes for purchase in the store! Ahhhhhhh. After asking the tall cashier guy if he had any extra boxes to sell, he looked around and said he would give me a couple extra boxes the paints normally ship in for free! Amazing! I have shopped during the week and on weekends at various times of the day and have always enjoyed my experience." ~ Suzanne I


"I like this art supply joint better than Blick on India downtown because of the prices, and service. At Blick I've bought art from artists that displayed their work on the walls but at Artist Supply I've gotten help from the artists themselves showing me where everything is and giving me advice. The kinds of things I buy are various notebooks of different kinds of paper for water color, tracing and sketching. I've bought pastels, inky pens with ink wells, water color pencils and water colors. They have a variety of pens sizes with numbers to be very detailed on how you want the overall look and feel to be created. All kinds of oils, and acrylic and water color paints to make pretty much anything you can muster up an idea for. Wood canvas type boards, linen canvases and downstairs is a huge supply of all sizes of papers and canvases. I highly recommend this store even if you've never even dabbled in art, just go in, grab a note book and some pens, just black, then make some drawings, it's relaxing even if you think you suck donkey balls at it. I'm not hating on Blick, it's just fine, you can go in there and buy some photo frames and messenger bags and paint but it's generally got a lot of craftier items and retail for the general public, of course they do have canvases and paints just like Artist Supply. This is the place you can see from Freeway 5 if you've noticed it when driving by on San Diego Avenue." ~ Shellli S