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Exotic Paper

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Bamboo Calligraphy Brushes.They all look alike, but the quality of hair and glue varies with the price. Yasutomo SW Series Bamboo brushes are of good quality.

A soft, absorbent hair surrounds a stiffer core. The core determines the length and provides linear stability, the outer hairs are soft for the retention of water, and snap to a fine point. The hybrid of horse, badger, deer, and sheep hair found in this brush make the performance dynamic and unlike other natural hair brushes.

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SKU: Yasutomo-Calli-Professional

Yasutomo Professional Grade Calligraphy Brushes

Yasutomo Professional Grade Calligraphy Brushes

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Product Selection

5976 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW00 1/16" x 3/4"

List Price: $5.70

Our Price: $4.56

5969 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW0 3/32" x 3/4"

List Price: $6.00

Our Price: $4.80

5970 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW1 1/8" x 3/4"

List Price: $6.50

Our Price: $5.20

5971 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW2 5/32" x 7/8"

List Price: $7.35

Our Price: $5.88

5972 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW3 3/16" x 1"

List Price: $8.90

Our Price: $7.12

5973 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW4 1/4" x 1-3/16"

List Price: $10.50

Our Price: $8.40

5974 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW5 9/32" x 1-3/8"

List Price: $13.40

Our Price: $10.72

5975 Professional Grade Calligraphy Brush - SW6 5/16" x 1-9/16"

List Price: $15.55

Our Price: $12.44

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